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Welcome to VancouverWiki - The People's Guide to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

This site is updated, expanded, and improved by people in Vancouver, British Columbia because they want to share what they love or loathe about their city. You can learn more about VancouverWiki here. You can search the site by using the box on the upper right of every page, or you can use the pre-sorted links below to go to the most popular sections. — Want to help?


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The City of Vancouver will join cities around the world to mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities by hosting a special celebration on Monday, December 3 from 1 – 7pm at the Roundhouse Community Centre. (181 Roundhouse Mews) This event, which celebrates the achievements of people with all kinds of disabilities, is FREE to attend and open to the whole community.
Notable guests include local funnyman David C. Jones, rock band Reality Check (led by Mark ‘Audio’ Ash—Courage to Come Back Award-winner), and acclaimed filmmaker Murray Siple—along with a screening of his award-winning National Film Board documentary Carts of Darkness.
This community event will feature lively performances, art exhibits, stand-up comedy, and much more—as well as healthy snacks and door prizes. For more information, please visit [WWW]

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